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Telecom Industry welcomes the passing of the GST bill

COAI committed to work with the government for a connected and digitally empowered India   GST reform is a discussion that gripped the national economic discourse several times during the last 10 years. COAI welcomed the passing of the GST Bill as this is a significant step towards simplified goods and service taxation, ease in Continue Reading

IoT emerging as the next technology mega-trend

By connecting to the Internet billions of everyday devices—ranging  from fitness bracelets to industrial equipment—the Internet of Things (IoT) merges the physical and online worlds, opening up a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments and consumers. The IoT will surely indicate the possibilities and the changes in Continue Reading

Best of CES 2016

Like  every year, the entire personal technology industry assembles to show off the their latest ground breaking products in CES. Its is one of the places where companies showcased their latest and greatest. Everything  from smartphones, laptops, cars,  headphones and televisions is on display here in huge numbers. We  at Continue Reading

Intel Security Study Reveals that almost half of Indian Children admit to Meeting or wanting to Meet a Stranger They First Met Online

Intel Security commissioned MSI International to conduct the online survey among 8,026 children and teens ages 8 to 16 and 9,017 parents worldwide. The survey was conducted in United States, Canada, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Australia, Singapore and India. In India, the survey covered 2,370 participants (1,185 parents Continue Reading

E-governance and Digital India

Empowering Indian Citizens Through Technology Digital India stands at the core of the government’s plan for economic revival and inclusive growth. The use of digital interventions, is believed, will transform the lives of citizens by connecting them to services and social initiatives that they were earlier deprived of. Technology is Continue Reading

Ashley Madison Scams on the Rise

More than a million were registered in an online Adultery hook-up website Ashley Madison before it was hacked and of-late it continues to attract new members daily. eScan research team in a startling investigation found that cyber-criminals are using various means of extortion techniques, fake promises and emails mentioning about Continue Reading

Things you want to know about Windows 10

Microsoft reveals about its next version of Windows and probably It’s going to be the last major version of Windows. Microsoft is calling its next Windows release “Windows 10,” not Windows 9 The Windows 10 core will run on PCs, tablets, Windows Phones and even in the Xbox in future. Continue Reading