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The award-giving ceremony will attract a congregation of about 500 participants cutting across the verticals of the telecom industry, including country’s leading Vendors, Senior Executives, Distributors, Resellers, and retailers. The awardees include outstanding individuals, brands, products and companies.

  • Top Brands
  • Top Manufacturers
  • Top super stockiests
  • Top Retail Partners
  • Top LFRs
  • Top Resellers
  • Top Distributors
  • Top Brand managers
  • Top investors
  • Top research & Design Companys

All the activities at the 9th Mobility Conclave & Excellence Awards Night 2022 will be tuned to keep the visitors comfortable and spirited. To provide the right time-slots, comfort and attention to our sponsors, we limit the number of sponsors and will be based on first-come-first-served.

9th Mobility Excellence Awards Night 2022

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The 9th Mobility Excellence Awards Night 2022 is All Set to Rock in December in New Delhi

The 9th Mobility Conclave and Excellence Awards Ceremony 2022 is aimed at recognizing and awarding the achievers for the year 2022 for their outstanding performances and contributions in different segments of the mobility industry based on their excellence according to the crucial parameters like value addition, innovation, popularity and usability. The award categories include mobile handsets, apps, accessories, services, etc. As the year draws to a close, it is time to take a look at the Products and Brands that made a mark in 2022 and figure out the ones that deserve to be rewarded. The year 2022 has been a very important year not only for smartphones but also for accessories like Neckbands, Smart watches, TWS, Smart TVs and EVs.

The 9th Mobility Conclave and Excellence Awards Ceremony 2022 is a powerful interactive and informative platform where industry experts share their opinions and experiences that help partners to drive their businesses and cement their relationships with the telecom players.

Nomination Guidelines:

* You can nominate only one product in each category.

* The product has to be from the line of products released in 2021.

* For more details Contact:

Mr. Swapan Roy

Contact: 09811346846 / 09625243429 |
Emails: /

The 9th Mobility Excellence Awards Night 2022

Time: 10:00 Am Morning to 10: 00 PM evening

Venue: New Delhi

Mobility India Voting

The Technology & Trends and Revolution of 5G and its Impact

This Panel Discussion would cast light on the latest and upcoming technology trends, how 5G is revolutionizing the communications, opportunities & challenges; and how 5G, AI & Gaming set for impact to industry in 2022

How Make in India Initiative Aims to Transform India into a Global Manufacturing Hub

This Discussion will focus on ‘The Future of Make in India’ in the Mobile Handset and Accessories industry. It is intended to be a knowledge platform where eminent panelists cast light on the opportunities and challenges associated with Make in India and how we can make India self-reliant and as the next step to transform it into a global manufacturing hub.

Unlock the New Era of Mobile Accessories Market

The main theme of this Discussion is how the Mobile Accessories ecosystem is evolving. The industry experts on the panel will share their valuable information and opinions on how the consumer behavior and preferences are evolving, how the technology is shaping the gadgets, and how the market trends are changing. The discussion will also focus on different players such as manufacturers, raw material suppliers, wholesalers, resellers, distributors, retailers, etc, can play their role to take the industry to the next level.

How Mobility Trade Associations are Promoting Collaborative Efforts to Foster a Strong Industry Ecosystem

This Panel Discussion is aimed at bringing together different mobility industry associations and discussing how the mobility trade associations and members can work together for the common good and inclusive growth of all the associated partners; and how to deal with the current challenges and prepare for the future developments and opportunities.
Mobility India Voting

The Event is the right and appropriate platform for brand enhancement

  • The Event is the right and appropriate platform for brand building.
  • Helps to familiarize your products / solutions to a captive audience of top Mobile & Mobile accessories industry partners including vendors, dealers, resellers, retail partners and vendors.
  • Provides you with fresh information on new business avenues and market segments.
  • Helps to network with old, new and upcoming channel partners and expand your market opportunities.
  • Gives an opportunity to understand the latest dynamics of distribution channel, the challenges faced by distributors and draw new business strategies.
  • Enables you to put your brand on top of the mind of the mobile accessories industry fraternity.
  • Creates scope for one-to-one networking with the partners.
  • Gives a wide coverage to your brand through our publications, print and online.
  • Helps to discover and develop cost-effective initiatives and alternatives.

The 9th Mobility Excellence Award 2022 is an annual recognition event conducted by Mobility Magazine where the performers in the mobile handset industry will be awarded for their performances and contributions during the year 2022

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